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Download AMO 2023-24 Participation Certificates

1. Please enter alphabet "C" followed by your registered mobile number in the below box and then click on 'DOWNLOAD' button to download the certificate. E.g. C7774066642
* For any difficulty related to downloading, please open this page on desktop/ laptop.
2. If more than one students have used same mobile number for attempting the exam then:
--> download documents of the first student using registered mobile number,

--> download documents of the second student using registered mobile number + suffix 'A',
Example: If two students have attempted exam using number 7774066642, then the two certificates can be downloaded using numbers C77774066642, C7774066642A .
3. For registered international mobile numbers, please use the mobile number along with ISD code for downloading the documents.
Example:  R97155505505 .

Enter correct document number


  • Students qualified for Level-2 shall get the certificates after the result of Level-2 exam.

  • AMO Level-II is scheduled on 14th July 2024.

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