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AMO Level-I Exam Instructions

Dear Students,


AMO Level-I exam is scheduled on 23rd and 24th April 2022. The exam link will be available for 48 hours (from 12:00 AM on 23rd to 12:00 AM on 25th April 2022). You can attempt the exam, any time for one hour, during these two days.


Please note following points:

  1. Exam duration is one hour only.

  2. Exam has only one attempt.

  3. Use GOOD internet connection.

  4. Keep your mobile phone fully charged before starting the exam.

  5. Exam link will be available near the mock exam links.

  6. No second attempt will be given once exam is submitted.

  7. Once exam is started, DO NOT switch to another page or screen. If such activity is detected, exam will get auto-submitted. DO NOT CHANGE APP/PAGE/SCREEN ONCE EXAM IS STARTED.

  8. In case of internet disconnection, the exam will be on hold. Once internet connection gets ON, exam will resume further. 

  9. If there are any screen recording attempts, your access to app UNLOCK iQ will get blocked automatically and you will disqualify for the examination. UNINSTALL ANY IMULATOR/SCREEN RECORDING APPS FROM YOUR MOBILE/LAPTOP. 

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